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Working for Government IT Sucks... and You Should Do It, Too

I tried to find who to credit for this image, but it's all over the Internet with no one to thank Are you an IT worker who is dissatisfied with your current job? Are you burnt out from repetitive projects? Too much travel? Seeking something more fulfilling than company stock? (And if you’re not those things, do you know someone who is?) Then this is written for you! ********************************************************************************************* Disclaimer: All of the ideas expressed in this article are my personal statements and opinions, and do not reflect the opinions/statements of the City of Urbana. ********************************************************************************************* You are needed because government IT is going through a wave of employee retirements (along with the rest of government... it’s not just IT!)  Like employees, technology systems and devices are also retiring after serving well for many years. That’s a l

Movie Theaters, the End is Nigh! 1917 and Netflix

Courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures Thoughts on Netflix and its Impact on Movie Exhibition After Seeing 1917 First the review (with no plot spoilers beyond what's in the trailer) As a film, 1917 is excellent. The story is exciting, plausible, and well-told. The leads are likable and underplay their roles effectively. (These are British soldiers, after all.)  Some of the action scenes are stunning – the plane crash teased in the trailer is a high point. Another sequence in a bombed city was flashy (in both senses of the word), but I don’t understand what was lighting up the town he ran through at night. (Bombs? Flares? Who was firing them? Why?) The famous actors play their bits well, particularly Colin Firth, but I’m glad that the two leads are not well-known as it helps with the “it could be anyone” idea of a soldier grabbed at random on whom so much depends.  More relevant to this post is that 1917 is a BIG SCREEN MOVIE . On the big screen the movie’s visually immersive, s

Why the Tectonic Speed of Government?

The original name ("Glacial Speed of Government”) is both cliché and inaccurate, as it implies a faster pace than it used to. I decided that “Tectonic Speed” is more accurate because change in government shows tremendous resistance and moves slowly, but when it happens progress can occur in significant outbursts - and in those moments, there is great opportunity!     Click on "Read the Whole Thing" to access these links: Part 1 |  Part 2   |  Part 3  | Part 4 | Wait there's a Video?!