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Boy Was I Wrong About That One

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love "The Room”  This is a story about listening to your customers, and being open to suggestions.  It’s also a story with gratuitous nudity, an underdog victory, and an alcoholic drink called the "Scotchka".  This post’s got something for everyone, including bar charts and movie clips. PROLOGUE In the summer of 2010, I was six months into operating a movie theater. As an “Art House” theater, we showed limited release films, which also meant limited profits. To increase revenues, I had introduced Late Night movies, and experimented with various genres. Overall, I had not had much success. As the first chart shows, a number of them actually lost money! Why was I losing money? Many of these were films where I said “I like this movie. I want people to see this movie. And dammit, I have a movie theater and I can play what I want!” But I was not enticing customers, because I was selecting movies b