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Tectonic Speed of Government – PechaKucha Version

Video link is below!!    This is not my favorite screengrab, but that's what YouTube picked... In March, I was scheduled to speak at the Code for America Summit about the “Tectonic Speed of Government,” which is my metaphor that Government change happens slowly (after the exertion of a lot of force with no visible result), but when it does happen it can be disruptive.    Then the Pandemic hit, the conference was canceled, and… we went through a Tectonic Shift (to a remote workplace). ************************************************************************* Disclaimer: All of the ideas expressed in this article are my personal statements and opinions, and do not reflect the opinions/statements of the City of Urbana. ************************************************************************* In March, like many of my peers I was too busy dealing with the Shift to have time for much else. However, in April and May, I had a little more time and some new perspective so I re-wro