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Thank You for Your Sales Call/e-mail... Here's Why I Didn't Respond by freezelight Venting about the disruption of unsolicited sales calls and e-mails.  These modern scourges are enabled by new technology and allow sales to be more efficient but definitely not more effective.   ************************************************************************** ********** Disclaimer: All of the ideas expressed in this article are my personal statements and opinions, and do not reflect the opinions/statements of the City of Urbana. ************************************************************************** ********** Look, I get it. Salespeople have a job to do; their job is to sell. That means reaching out to prospective clients and offering their products. ( Note 1 ... notes are below.) As one of those prospects, I want to be clear about why I don't respond to unsolicited sales calls or e-mails. ( Note 2 )     It’s not you, or your product, it’s the sales process . Here are three