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Update: A Success with Vendor Spam

Photo: Chris Garrity - How I'm managing vendor e-mails and phone calls... I’m posting this to suggest that my peers may want to try it, also! For the past few months, I’ve been setting aside Thursday afternoons from 4-5 to take vendor phone calls.  This was my response to the problem I wrote about as " Thank You for Your Sales Call/e-mail... Here's Why I Didn't Respond ". ********************************************************************************************* Disclaimer: All of the ideas expressed in this article are my personal statements and opinions, and do not reflect the opinions/statements of the City of Urbana. ********************************************************************************************* Setting aside this one hour has proved to be a success on several levels: I feel zero guilt about ignoring the tsunami of incoming phone calls and e-mails.  ( Note # 1 ) What led me to write the firs