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How to Watch a Movie (At the Art or Anywhere)

Photo Credit: Christopher M. Carignan “Wait,” you say, “first of all I know how to watch a movie. Second, who the hell are you to tell me how to?” It’s a presumptuous title, I know. But I do have some qualifications. I ran Champaign's Art Theater ( ) for 33 months as my personal business, during which I was responsible for every aspect of the theater – and that was after five years of planning and research. So please consider me your guide for a behind-the-scenes tour of movie exhibition… Before you go to the movie If you get nothing else from this post, remember this: about 75% of people show up in the last 15 minutes before the movie starts. Want to glide in, get a great seat, and have time to pee without missing previews? Go 15 minutes early. Want to wait in line, miss trailers, and have a crappy seat? Go 5 minutes before the start. So plan ahead. Going to eat before the film? Build in time so that you can finish AND PAY without a rush. D